Oklahoma RID, an affiliate chapter of RID, sets the standards for the profession of Sign Language interpreting in the state of Oklahoma. OKRID’s diverse membership unites to raise the bar of the profession, meet challenges head on, network with one another, and provide leadership and training opportunities.

Involvement in OKRID provides Oklahoma interpreters and interpreting students, a voice in local, state, and national interpreting issues so we may better serve the Deaf community.

Execitive Board

Anne Byrd
Anne ByrdPresident
Bree Logan
Bree LoganVice President
Calista Choate
Calista ChoateSecretary
Jeanette Buttram
Jeanette ButtramTreasurer
Jake Alexander
Jake AlexanderParliamentarian
Whitle Jackson
Whitle JacksonMAL-Deaf
Holly Palmero
Holly PalmeroMAL
Susan Sadler
Susan SadlerMAL
Ashley Deimel
Ashley DeimelMAL
Josiah Fehlauer
Josiah FehlauerMAL
KT Laughlin
KT LaughlinMAL
Ben Davis
Ben DavisPast President
Judy Ingram
Judy Ingram2017 Lifetime Achievement Award
Jake Alexander
Jake Alexander2017 Richard Mullins Award
Kena Lundy
Kena Lundy2017 Richard Mullins Award

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OKRID is governed by the by-laws set forth for the management of the organization. They contain the fundamental principles and rules that direct the basic operation of OKRID. The by-laws are considered a work in progress. From time to time our by-laws are modified in order to best fit the member’s and organization’s needs. This is the most current version.